Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Choosing An Aboveground Spa (Things you must watch for)

It is a popular backyard or patio feature which every homeowner would just love to have and that is a new aboveground spa.
When you're considering to get a new aboveground spa then consider these important factors so you can avoid additional costs and just have a pleasant buying and owning experience.
Always consider first of course the location of where you plan to install an aboveground spa in your yard. It should be an area that is flat, free from grass and debris, concrete slab is good but not required. Also, be sure there are not electrical wires crossing over where the new above ground spa is to be located. Electrical cords and water don't really do that well together. Other things might be in the way of your desired location too. Homeowner associations sometimes have rules about where you can locate an aboveground spa so if you live in an area with an association then be sure to check your requirements.
Also you must consider the access to the location for delivery of an aboveground spa. Most of the time they will fit through the gate but sometimes the gate opening is smaller than the spa itself. If this happens then you might have to remove the gate in order to get the spa in the yard.
Sometimes it is easier to get an aboveground spa for the backyard to be crane set. A crane is hired for a couple of hours. They show up, the aboveground spa is lifted into it's desired location and then you're all set.
Once you're past the location and access issues that might exist then you can start dreaming about the above ground spa itself and the features you would like to have included with your new spa.
Of the features for above ground spas the most popular feature of an aboveground spa is the spa jet itself. Everybody likes to know about the number of spa jets which are included. Don't buy an aboveground spa just based on the number of therapy jets that it has. A spa with 40 jets isn't really going to be that much more fun than one with 8. It's not always fun to have a jet right on you and so it's nice sometimes to have areas where there aren't so so many jets. You'll decide how many jets are important for you and common sense along with your budget will decide this.
Water purification systems for above ground spastoday are another important consideration. Some above the ground spas include water purification systems so as to use less chemicals. These are usually optional items available for above ground spa models.
Additional considerations
when thinking of getting a new above the ground spa is the electrical connection which will be needed to power the unit. Some above the ground spas need a dedicated electrical hook up while others can just be plugged in to an existing outlet. If an electrician is required then there will be a cost for this so if you're on a budget then be sure this is taken into your overall consideration for your backyard spa project.
For most people, a simple above the ground spa is more than good..... it's just GREAT! Don't feel like you need to buy the most expensive spa to get a high quality above the ground spa.
There are many available aboveground spas which will bring fun to your home.
Available in numerous colors and exterior finishes, there are plenty of options from which to choose the perfect above the ground spa that is right for you.

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