Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hot tubs today - Above ground hot tubs and spas - Therapy Pools

As stand-alone water features, a hot tub and swimming pool both can provide splashes of entertainment. However, a combination of the two can be simply amazing.

Spas are very, very nice and it is therapeutic to go from the cool water of a swimming pool to the warm water of a spa, even on a warm summer’s day Children especially enjoy doing that

Pool owners miss their water when they close their pools up for the winter, but a portable hot tub or spa can be kept open, You can enjoy a spa year-round, 12 months out of the year — you don’t even have to have it enclosed or covered

.Being able to use their outdoor hot tub year-round is one of the things that families like best about owning above ground spas. They are  great for relaxing and it's also a great time for family

Enjoy extra features, such as a waterfall and soft glow lighting, which is color-changing lighting inside and outside of the hot tub.

There are lots of bells and whistles available on spa models these days. Lighting enhances the pool area, your deck, and the lighting is built into the spa itself so you don’t have to have extra lighting outside

Some spas are equipped with TVs and stereos, but most people are primarily interested in the hot water therapy. The lights are a nice option, though, because they’re fiber optic and pretty maintenance-free when it comes to water

Most hot tubs are freestanding, portable units rather than built-in  People build around them, put them in decks and even countersink them in a cement deck by the pool

A hot tub or spa also may enhance the beauty of the pool and yard area because it can be tailored to coordinate with its surroundings There are a wide variety of spa, spa cabinet and spa cover colors from which to choose that can match items such a patio or siding on a house.

Thanks to manufacturing improvements, hot tubs today are easier to maintain than were their predecessors. The most important aspect of hot tub maintenance to aid in longevity of the unit is the water chemistry,

The spa life is anywhere from seven to 15 years with good maintenance according to manufacturers

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