Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Therapy Spas and Hot Tubs (Good Filters = Clean Water)

Home Therapy Spas and Hot Tubs Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems for home therapy spas and hot tubs.

The importance of a commendable filtration system is paramount to an amount credible luxury spa. Most people will accept as true that that there’s no such thing as affordable hot tub water that's too clean. So the more efficient the filtration system, the more of an advantage you will have. So what makes a credible filtration system? Let's start by describing the two most common Systems of late in use presently.

Independent Circulation Hot tub pump system
Hot tubs with independent circulation pumps posses filtration Systems that operate incessantly 24 hours on a daily basis. Nonetheless since they operate at very low speeds, they are relatively quiet. Due to their slower speeds and also quieter operation, they also tend to filter the least amount of water, recirculating a typical luxury hot tub's contents 16 times per day. They may clog easily with deposits getting stuck in the impeller Systems as well as narrow piping.

2-Speed Primary Hot tub pump system
The number two most general system employs a 2 speed elemental pump that operates at a higher speed as well as higher volume for just 2 to 5 hours twice each day. This schema generates near to 33 percent more filtration than the typical independent circulation spa pump system, on the other hand is somewhat noisier during operation. If sitting in your luxury spa during these cycles, you may find this to be disturbing. These Systems can be open to overheating from running at exceeding revolutions, furthermore clogging due to foreign matter getting lodged in their plumbing Systems.

It's a safe bet that you'll be getting the best filtration equipment when you purchase a premium hot tub or portable spa from reputable spa and hot tub dealers. We rarely see pool quality equipment on premium hot tubs and home spas. When you get something of high quality then it makes sense that the manufacturer would supply the best equipment to complement the luxury spa and hot tubs they make. Usually inefficient and cheap equipment is found on the low end lines of hot tubs and portable spas. Just be careful, if you go too cheap and the equipment isn't great then it won't perform as well and won't last as long as it would with a premium hot tub or portable spa. Buy the best hot tubs and portable spas and you'll be happiest.

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