Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soaking in a Hot Tub (Why it's good for weight loss)

When it comes to exercising in water, a portable hot tub or spa probably doesn't come to mind but in fact, portable spas and hot tubs are fantastic for getting a great workout. Many people have become successful in their weight loss attempts when implementing a little water exercise along with their program.

Water therapy has been shown to promote weight loss and the reduction of cellulite. Hot tubs provide a soothing environment that promotes circulation, relaxation and the reduction of stress. Hot tubs also provide the perfect atmosphere for low impact exercise. You can safely engage in a cardio workout while having the high resistance of the water, without the harm to your joints and muscles.

While exercising in a hot tub, you can safely raise your heart rate without raising your blood pressure. In some cases, it has been found that warm water exercise may even lower blood pressure. This indicates that exercising in a hot tub can be very heart healthy. Always note that the water should only be warm and not hot. It is never recommended to exercise in HOT water. As with everything else in life, proper precautions should be followed, no excessive alcohol, pregnant women should keep it cool too. You know the right things to do when exercising in water follow the same common sense please.

This low impact exercise lowers stress, reduces fluid retention and provides better circulation; all of which contribute to a great workout and to a healthier lifestyle. While using warm water therapy, those engaging in a workout routine lose on average one pound more a week than those not using warm water therapy. A portable home spa has the additional benefit of the therapeutic massage action of jets in the high end luxury home spas and hot tubs.

Soaking in a portable home spa has other benefits well beyond the reach of weight loss. Warm water therapy is also known for its abilities to lower stress, tension, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling, insomnia and bodily pain.

Whether you choose to have a workout in the warm bubbling water of a portable hot tub or just turn off the heat, have your workout and then turn on the heat and the jets, spend some time relaxing and unwind after a good workout.
Repeat daily and watch your health level increase.
It doesn't feel like a workout when you're in the water but it is so good for you and you'll feel results after only a few times.
The nice thing about water exercises is that it's easy to do it day after day.
Who doesn't want to go sit in the hot tub or spa on a daily basis?
Enough said.
If you're thinking of getting a portable hot tub, always get the best you can afford. That goes for most things in life, buy the best you can and you usually have something that will look better, operate better and have a longer useful life than a cheapo. Kindly note the words to buy the best you can.....if the best you can afford is the inflatable hot tub then do that. It's not the same of course as a premium hot tub but you'll still get benefits. It's much more fun in the premium hot tubs but the main thing is to just get a portable hot tub and get started with a health and fitness program that will enrich you in mind, spirit and body. Enjoy!

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