Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buying a Portable Spa (What to look for)

Buying a spa or portable hot tub isn't something you should rush into or feel pressured to do. Be sure you take the proper time to consider everything so you can be sure to get the best portable spa or hot tub for your needs.

Some of the most important considerations when buying a spa or portable hot tub:

1. Learn about the spa's specific features, ease to use and maintenance

When the spa is not in use, does the water always remain hot and clean?

Do the jets and jet systems allow you to customize your hydromassag experience?

How loud are the jets and pump?

Does the spa offer a balanced filtration system? Is the water continuously filtered 24 hours a day to ensure clean, clear water?

Are the filters top-loaded for easy access

Is the heating and filtration system fully automatic with no programming required?

Is there an automatic clean-up cycle after you exit the spa?

Inquire about the heater—typically the most vulnerable component of any spa. Make
sure corrosion will not occur.

Are the controls user-friendly, easy to operate and adjust?

Are there optional features to make spa ownership easier?

What are the electrical specifications of the spa? Are both 115v and 230v available?
(115v can be far less expensive to install)

How is the seating configured? Are you able to move about easily? Is there lumbar support for your back?

How does the manufacturer's warranty compare with other brands? Make sure there are no undesirable limitations or exclusions.

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