Friday, October 23, 2009

Should You Purchase a Portable or Permanent Hot Tub Spa?

Should You Purchase a Portable or Permanent Hot Tub Spa?
There are a few major and some minor factors to consider when deciding to purchase a hot tub spa. One of the major things to consider is whether you want a portable hot tub or have one permanently placed in-ground.

Indoor hot tubs are usually placed in a bathroom or in an enclosed sun-room (or something comparable). Indoor spas are considered portable because though they are securely attached to plumbing and electrical house outlets, they can eventually be taken away.

Outdoor hot tubs can also be portable as seen on an owner's deck or above ground in the yard. Outdoor hot tubs can also be permanent (meaning they are fixed in-ground like an in-ground pool). Yes, eventually you can also take the in-ground spa away, but this would be much more of a project than one settled above ground.

Many in-ground pool owners decide to supplement the pool with an in-ground hot tub spa. This way, owners can enjoy the cool waters of the pool and then warm their bodies in the hot tub or vice versa.

When deciding on an outdoor above-ground hot tub, the alignment of plumbing and electrical ports to the house may be a factor. Some portable owners move the tub around the yard by season depending on the position of the sun.

Permanent hot tubs are going to cost more than portable hot tubs due to the issue of placing it in the earth. In addition, portable tubs supplemented by such things as spa bars, patio furniture, gazebos, and the like can also cost a bit more because of the added elements.

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